Artificial Grass

Installing Artificial Grass is the ideal solution a number of applications. Primarily a convenience when adding a smart, natural look to tricky-to-maintain patches of turf. Replacing the entirety of the lawn has become an increasingly popular option as an artificial lawn requires so little maintenance in comparison to genuine turf.

Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass can actually be used for much more than updating your lawn. Although this traditional purpose is still its most common use, people are beginning to use this dynamic product in increasingly creative and innovative ways. From roof gardens, terraces and balconies to unique pool surrounds and elegant ornamental lawns, Artificial Grass has become a far more versatile material as a result of easy installation, maintenance and when required – removal.

In recent years, interior designers have cottoned on to the wide array of applications possible for artificial grass. Children’s play areas, office recreational suites and even wall-hung installations are just a few examples of how creative installation can be - each offering combinations of leisure, comfort and a fresh, wholesome aesthetic.

How to Maintain Your Artifical Grass
How to Lay Your Artifical Grass