FOSTER Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Details

Foster Sinks are 100% made in Italy. Foster sinks use high percentages of chrome and nickel which allows the sinks to be able to provide the best performance. Using these materials enabled the kitchen sinks to have a bright finish and further enhances the durability and absolute resistance to rust and corrosion. These qualities are a true reflection on the unique precision of their product range, making the Grohe and Fosters partnership a perfect match.


The Wave is a distinctive feature of the New Wave line. The appealing design is different to your usual kitchen sink which is what makes this sink so appeasing..

To maintain a luxurious finish, the AISI 304 stainless steel has been brushed with natural fibres, which maintain a bright finish

The slanted edge on the right hand side bowl with a 3.5" drain size helps to stop solids flowing away with the waste water

FOSTER KE Undermount

The KE Undermount sink is a contemporary concept to be installed under the worktop as an alternative sink solution. Using brushed stainless steel with a durable 1mm thickness, the design of the undermount makes it a robust choice which is easy thanks to the 15mm radius corner.

KE Undermount sinks are fitted with the original overflow that effectively acts as a safety solution. Available in both right hand and reversible options and in a variety of sizes.


The S3000 is a sink featuring a large and deep bowl, suitable for additional kitchen accessories. The contemporary square design enables this kitchen sink to remain elegant whilst having a modern feel to it.

The 8mm steel thickness enhances its resilient technologies for durable useage. The soft recess area prevents any possible overflowing and guarantees the cleanliness of any worktop.

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Foster Elettra

With a linear structure and capacious bowls, this sink highlights the smooth finish throughout. it is equipped with a generous sized 3.5" waste drain fitting which prevents solids from flowing away from the waste water.

The Elettra sink is flexible by being reversible it can be installed in any sitting and is available in either a 1 bowl or a 1.5 bowl


The FL One sink is equipped with the exclusive space drain and overflow, which ensures both work together as complete and compact as possible

The functional and characteristic shape of the FL One creates a fusion of elegance throughout. Featuring a large bowl at 71cm wide, these sinks are ideal for the larger bulky dishes.

The space waste fitting has a stopper which forms part of the design

Foster Moon

The Moon sink features a brushed finish with AISI 304 (18/10) stainless steel. The Moon sinks contain high levels of chrome and nickel which provide a bright finish and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The soft recess area prevents any possible overflowing and guarantees the cleanliness of the worktop. The Moon sinks are flexible by being reversible

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