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Franke Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Trading Depot are the leading online retailer of Franke kitchen sinks, Franke kitchen taps and Franke accessories. We are continually adding the latest new Kitchen Sinks and Taps from Franke and updating the ranges we have available to purchase, ensuring we are constantly keeping up with Franke’s innovative new products. Franke UK Kitchen Sinks range from Stainless Steel Sinks, Fragranite Sinks, Ceramic Sinks and Tectonite Sinks.

Franke operates in 5 business areas: Washroom systems, Coffee Systems, Beverage systems, Foodservice Systems, and of course Kitchen Systems. Their innovative design is at the front of some of the leading technological advances in these areas, and the company is leaping from strength to strength. Franke now has 66 subsidiaries and employs 9,000 people in 40 countries across the globe.
Franke's quality & attention to detail has become the envy of similar companies. The company's vision for the future is to continue to grow. Today, Franke is the largest stainless steel sink manufacturer in the world.

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We keep our prices very attractive, and average lead time for Franke products is just 2-4 working days. Delivery starts from only £5.50 inc VAT and full details can be found here.

Franke Kitchen Sinks

From traditional style to modern design, every Franke sink offers exquisite craftsmanship. Let your imagination run free with a range of fabulous options to help you maximise space and accentuate the look of the entire room.

Choose from stainless steel which is very hygienic and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Fragranite which is beautifully durable that resists heat damage and prevents bacterial growth, a ceramic which is harder than metal scratch resistant and super hygienic. Tectonite which is an exciting and unique material perfect for a minimalist look and available in a range of designs and colours.

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Franke Kitchen Taps

Franke offers a style type for every kitchen, you are spoilt for choice.

With a choice of filter taps, instant boiling water, pull out, spray, or a simple mixer tap there is something to suit everyone’s individual style and preference

Franke kitchen taps are available in either polished chrome or silksteel finish to compliment your kitchen sink

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Franke Kitchen Waste Disposal Units

Cleaning up after meals just got easier with Franke's range of waste disposal units which are lightweight and powerful.

You can now hygienically wash food scraps away without leaving them in the bin where they cause odour, attract pests and become covered in bacteria. There are 5 units to choose from. By simply running the water through the unit, food waste is instantly liquefied into fine particles that are easily flushed through the pipework systems.

The Franke waste disposal units come with a 10 year guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

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Franke Kitchen Waste Bins & Recycling

From dealing with unsightly household waste in a hygienic manner to effortlessly sorting waste for recycling, they are designed to save time and to incorporate kitchen essentials discreetly into kitchen units.

A must for any kitchen!

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Franke Kitchen Sink & Tap Accessories

The perfect compliment to your kitchen sink whilst also preparing the perfect environment for food preparations, serving and cleaning up.

Choose from cutting edge chopping boards, rollamats, drainer baskets, colanders, tap braces plus many more.

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Why Choose Franke? "Make it Wonderful"

Franke is the world’s leading provider of kitchen sinks and taps for domestic kitchens, trusted by more users in more kitchens worldwide than any other manufacturer.

Drawing on a long history of reliability and expertise, Starting in 1911 as a sheet metal business based in Rorschach Franke constantly develop new products and innovations to make their range as wonderful as possible. In the 1930's they became known for producing designer kitchen sinks since then they have become a world-renowned brand of sinks and taps. The latest innovations have come in Kitchen Mixers and Franke Boiling Hot Water Taps with the likes of the New Franke Omni 4 in 1 Kitchen Mixer Taps.

Trading Depot supply a variety of kitchen accessories such as wire baskets, rollamats, chopping boards and waste disposal units to help complete your ideal look. Every Franke product also comes with a Franke warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

Cleaning Tips

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Most marks and discolouration on stainless steel sinks are caused by water borne deposits. They are always the result of an outside source rather than coming from the steel itself. These stains are often seen as a “rainbow-effect” & can be avoided by removing wet cleaning aids from the sink after use, which avoids watermarking & rust stains.

We recommend to avoid using the following:
› The use of plastic bowls for washing up, as these cause heavy localised scratching
› Leaving salt, vinegar, citric fruit juices, mustard or pickles on the surface as they can cause corrosion
› Abrasive cleaners such as bleach, scourers or wire wool pads

What is Stainless Steel made from and what are the benefits?

Franke stainless steel kitchen sinks consist of 70% recycled material and is up to 100% recyclable. It has a particularly high nickel content at 10% which provides rust resistance and chromium content at 18% which provides the sinks with its shine also ensuring it is equally resistant to heat as well as cold.

These sinks are corrosion-resistant, has an absolutely pore-free surface for easy cleaning and is extremely hygienic. Stainless steel also bonds with oxygen to form a passive protective layer that continuously renews itself.

Ceramic Cleaning Tips

The ceramic used for the Franke kitchen sinks has a smooth, impervious surface, which is resistant to all standard household chemicals. For day-to-day care, all you need is water and a damp cloth.

Abrasive cleaners should not be used as they will dull the gloss finish. We find the best thing to do to keep your sink dazzling is to apply a dilute solution of bleach every 2 to 3 days. Apply with a sponge or a soft kitchen cloth and rinse the surface of the sink thoroughly with plenty of water. Not only will it make the surface shine, it will also help to keep the sink hygienic.

Tried and tested cleaning agents such as household vinegar or vinegar solution can be used to remove limescale deposits. For stubborn stains, cover with a piece of kitchen paper soaked in vinegar and leave to stand overnight.

We recommend to avoid using the following:
› Abrasive cleaners should not be used as they will dull the gloss finish
› Be careful with all substances containing fluoride, such as rust removers and toothpaste. Make sure that deposits are removed immediately as they can cause stains if left for any length of time.
› The use of plastic washing up bowls

What is Ceramic made from?

Franke Ceramic kitchen sinks are made of liquid ceramic which is then fired to create a material that feels incomparably smooth and is extremely hard-wearing

The liquid Ceramic consists of quartz, kaolin and china clay. It is poured into a mould under high pressure. The sink is then dried, and imperfections worked by hand with sponges. The sink is then glazed, then passes through the kiln for 20 hours which at its hottest reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. Once this has been completed, the sinks then go through their high quality control to ensure every sink is perfect

Fragranite Cleaning Tips

Franke Fragranite Sinks are extremely durable and non-porous making them long-lasting and very hygienic. This also means cleaning them is quite simple too. Most deposits can be removed with washing up liquid and hot water followed by a clean water rinse. It is also good practice to then dry the sink with a soft cloth as otherwise limescale can build up on the surface.

Fragranite is harder than many metals, so aluminum pans may leave a grey mark on the sink surface. Don’t worry, this is not permanent - just a metal deposit from the saucepan that will easily clean off. Fragranite is less prone to damage from excessive abrasion than other materials used for sink manufacture.

We recommend to avoid using the following:
› Using abrasive cleaners such as scouring pads and wire wool, as they will eventually abrade the surface.
› Keep strong alkalis away from your sink as well. Prolonged exposure to ammonia and caustic soda, caustic paint strippers, paint brush cleaners and neat chemical descaling agents may dull the surface.

What is Fragranite made from and what are the benefits?

Fragranite has a subtle shine and feels warm to the touch, and the surface is finely textured, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. Fragranite kitchen sinks are composed of 80% quartz sand and 20% very hard acrylic resin. They are resistant to stains and high temperatures up to 280ºC.

They are Scratch proof, impact proof, stain proof, colour proof, heta proof, fashion proof and also come with Franke's 50 year guarantee giving you complete peace of mind! What is there not to like?

Tectonite Cleaning Tips

Most deposits can be removed with washing up liquid and hot water, followed by a clean water rinse then drying with a soft cloth to prevent limescale build-up.

For more stubborn deposits use a non-abrasive cream cleaner without added bleach. This should be applied with a soft damp cloth, again followed by a clean water rinse and dry.

Hard Water?

If you live in a hard water area, the quality of your water can affect the good looks of your sink by giving the appearance of staining. This ‘staining’ is generally a build up of limescale or similar mineral deposit. Limescale readily absorbs staining agents such as tea, coffee, red wine etc, spoiling the appearance of your sink. For this reason always rinse and dry your sink after each use to avoid mineral deposits being left behind on the surface when the water evaporates. We recommend to avoid using the following:
› Never use a metal scouring pad or wire wool as these may leave deposits which rust and give the appearance of staining.
› Bleach or other cleaning agents containing bleach should not be left in contact with your sink as this could cause pitting or discoloration of the surface
› The use of plastic washing up bowls

What is Tectonite made from?

Tectonite kitchen sinks are made from synthetic materials. With Tectonite kitchen sinks, you are able to place hot pans on your sink without a worry, Tectonite is heat-resistant up to 300°C. They are more resistant to impact than comparable materials. These kitchen sinks also come with a UV coating which means that the colour will not fade and in years to come will still have the same colour as the day you bought it!

Cleaning Tips for Franke Taps

In order to keep your Franke Taps looking like new we recommend that you clean using hot soapy water. Avoid using scourers or abrasive materials as this will effect the finish

We recommend using The Franke e-cloth to clean all Franke cleaning products.
Never apply abrasive detergents, disinfectants or products containing alcohol, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid.
If limescale appears around the nozzle, rub it away gently with a little lemon juice on a small brush. But take care to rinse any remaining lemon juice away from the tap.

Tap Choices

Boiling Water Taps

New Franke Omni 4-in-1 is the one tap that delivers not only hot and cold mains water but also cold and 100°C boiling filtered water. Omni delivers beautifully pure, fresh tasting water, so there’s no need for expensive bottled water. Omni is easy to fit in new or existing kitchens, safe to use and ultra reliable with a re-assuring 3-year warranty.
Franke Omni is a complete system, including tap, boiler and under sink filter. The filter provides high quality drinking water and also protects the boiler from limescale build-up. It is recommended the replace the filter every 6 - 9 months and replacing the filter is as easy as changing a lightbulb.
How the Omni Tap Works - Pull the opposite lever forward for filtered cold water and push it back for boiling. The boiling lever itself has triple safety features including a push-and-turn activation function, a spring-loaded shut off and a unique safety clip, ensuring it is difficult to accidentally turn on.
Remain confident in the fact that your filtered water remains fresh and safe to drink at all times, thanks to the ‘tube within a tube’ design, which keeps the filtered supply entirely separate from normal mains water. The clever design also keeps the outside parts cool at all times. Omni lets you know when it’s time to change the water filter by the LED built into the body of the tap, so you know your filter is always doing it’s job.

Franke Minerva 3-in-1 offers instant hot, cold and boiling water in a single tap. The Minerva system features a space-saving water tank that fits discreetly into your kitchen so that boiling water is always ready when it is required. Unlike a kettle, it only uses what is required, heating the water silently and delivering boiling water instantly.

The horizontal heating tank sits neatly behind a standard 150mm cabinet plinth, Ensuring that you are still able to use the cupboard without it being clogged with tanks. The minimum pressure required is 2 bar (29 psi) for hot & cold supply. The maximum pressure is 4 bar (58 psi).

Filtered Water Taps

Franke Filterflow Taps deliver hot, cold and filtered water. No more need to buy bottled water. Thanks to FilterFlow filration cartridges, you are able to enjoy naturally fresh water direct from your kitchen tap. This innovative technology filters out limescale, metals, chlorine and more, giving you an effective way to safeguard your health and wellbeing.
The Franke Filtration removes the following What the Filtration system removes: Harmful Bacteria, parasites & Cysts including Cryptosporidium, Chlorine, Lead, Improves Taste, Odour & Colour.

Choose from the ever popular Franke Filterflow Olympus or the Franke Filterflow Corinthian Tap which is most well placed with the Franke Belfast sink.

Mixer Taps

Franke Mixer Taps are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your individual kitchen design and needs. Whether you are seeking a cutting edge contemporary or traditional classic look there is something for every kitchen.
Some of our popular sellers are the Franke Zurich, Franke Eiger, Franke Olympus & Franke Davos. These are available in both chrome and a silksteel finish.
We have found that the most popular finish choice of kitchen tap to match Franke stainless steel sinks is the Silksteel finish. It has a nice brushed finish just like the Franke Stainless Steel sinks.

History Of Franke

    1911 Hermann Franke establishes a sheet-metal business in Rorschach, Switzerland.

    1925 - 1930 Addition of a sanitary installations department. Manufacture began of skylights, hobs and dormer window.

    1931 - 1934 saw the first sinks produced in Nickeline, Monel Metal & later Stainless Steel

    1937 - 1938 saw an economic boost in sales. This was the beginning of series production and saw the launch of the first fully welded, flush mounted sink
    1939-1945 Hermann Franke passed away January 1939. His son Walter took over the business. 2nd World War lead to difficulties with sourcing materials and therefore delaying the construction activity. By this time they had 100 employees

    1946 - 1949 saw the expansion of manufacturing facilities and production of complete kitchens. First exports to neighboring countries begin and the workforce increasing to 250 employees.

    1956 - 1961 Further expansion of the manufacturing facilities in Europe. Formation of the Commerical Kitchen catering department. Staff now increases to 750 employees

    1962 - 1974 This year marked the expansion of Franke Group. 13 new subsidiaries and 2 license companies established in Europe. 1972 Franke builds & installs the first kitchen for McDonald's in Munich. They now have 2,600 employees
    1975-1988 This year saw a change of ownership. Walter hands business over to business partner Willi Pieper. 4 subsidiaries and 2 licenses are added including the USA.
    In 1989 Willi Pieper's son becomes CEO and owner of the Franke Group. Rapid and systematic expansion of the core businesses worldwide. The Kitchen Systems Division and Franke Contract Group become global market leaders
    2002 - 2008 The divisions are given more independence and responsibility. 3 further core businesses are identified and organised to secure and build on the success of Franke: Franke Washrooms Systems, Franke Coffee Systems and Franke Beverage Systems.

    In 2011 Franke celebrates its first 100 years of entrepreneurship. Franke Group has 66 subsidiaries with around 9,000 employees in 40 countries and generates consolidated sales of 2.0 billion in 2016

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