Butler Kitchen Sinks Vs Belfast Kitchen Sinks
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Butler Kitchen Sinks Vs Belfast Kitchen Sinks

Belfast and Butler sinks are timeless, white ceramic sinks for adding to traditional style kitchens, giving a countryside style look. With a wide variety of sink styles becoming available nowadays it can be difficult for homeowners to decide on the right sink for their kitchens design. When looking for white ceramic sinks a range of options are available, including the choice of Belfast and Butler sink models. With Belfast and Butler sinks being slightly different knowing the differences of each sink can help when shopping for the right kitchen sink. Add a stand out feature within the traditional style kitchen with the choice of sink styles.

What is the difference between Belfast and Butler Sinks?

Belfast and Butler sinks are ceramic sinks with a range of differences that go all the way back to the Victorian times. Butler Sinks were originally designed for use within Butler’s pantries in London, ideal for conserving water due to London having a short supply of fresh water – these contain a weir overflow. Belfast sinks are however a contrast to Butler sinks with the addition of overflows. Belfast sinks include these systems as obtaining water was less of an issue in Belfast, therefore it didn’t matter if a little water got wasted. The difference in the overflows remains the primary difference between the two.

Reginox Butler Sink

Throughout recent years Belfast and Butler sinks have started to become more popular, with modern designs being added to country style kitchens. Ceramic Sinks are seen to be becoming hugely popular within recent years due to durability, scratch and stain-resistant properties. Sizes are another difference within ceramic sinks with Butler sinks being built slightly wider and shallower than Belfast models. Butler sinks are ideal for allowing larger items to be washed, adapting as years went by and water supply became less of an issue being as deep as Belfast sinks nowadays.

Franke Belfast Sink

Both Butler and Belfast sinks are perfect for adding to kitchens or utility rooms with minor differences between them that it doesn’t largely matter which sink you choose. Both Butler and Belfast sink models offer style and functionality and available for suiting a range of home budgets. The range of Butler and Belfast Kitchen Sinks are generously designed bowls for a variety of uses, whether needing a deep or large bowl for household uses. Farmhouse sinks are further sinks similar to Butler and Belfast models. Farmhouse sinks are however slightly different with an elegant looking design with thinner walls. Adding a beautifully tradition feel to a kitchens design at the same time being robust and sturdy, withstanding dropped pots and pans.

Trading Depot stocks a wide range of sinks suited for use in any kitchen design, whatever the style and design. A variety of high quality brands are available including Reginox, Rangemaster, Franke and Blanco. Upgrading the kitchen sink is ideal for adding style to your room with easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant ceramics. Trading Depot stocks a variety of branded sinks, including a range of choice from Belfast and Butler kitchen sinks.


Ceramic Inset Kitchen Sink with Tap


Trading Depot stocks a variety of Reginox sinks helping to add a luxurious and modern look to your kitchens design. Manufacturing a range of inset and integrated sinks suited for every kitchen, whatever sink is needed.

Reginox Regi Ceramic Sinks are manufactured from fine fireclay with sinks available in a range of sizes. Trading Depot stocks a range of Reginox sinks including the option of Belfast style sinks, adding a stylish contemporary design to your kitchen. Reginox Sinks have a strong enamel layer and are reasonably scratch resistant with a choice of finishes available for adding to any kitchen design. The addition of Reginox Regi Sinks are perfect for a range of kitchen facilities, with a variety of options available at Trading Depot.



Rangemaster Nevada

Rangemaster offers a wide range of ceramic sinks, perfect for adding to traditional country style kitchens. Sinks offered by Rangemaster include a variety of Belfast sinks to bring the essence of a traditional British kitchen back into the home. Classic and Farmhouse Belfast sinks are one of the sink designs created for blending modern living into kitchens. Rangemaster have stock of a variety of Belfast sinks for adding a stylish alternative to the kitchen design. Ceramic Belfast Sinks fulfil a range of needs within the kitchen, providing superior strength withstanding high temperatures. A vast amount of ceramic sink options are available, whether looking for single or double bowls fitting a variety of kitchens.


Franke V&B Undermount Ceramic Sink

Trading Depot stock a wide range of Franke kitchen sinks, made with high quality and robust materials ideal for adding an eye catching design to the kitchen. Franke offer a conventional range of Belfast sinks capturing traditional values, bringing a contemporary design to your room. Ceramic sinks beautifully combine with a variety of work surfaces in a range of materials, perfect for adding to modern kitchen designs. Trading Depot’s stock of Belfast sinks adds a strong finishing touch to any kitchen with the addition of both single and double bowls. Adding high quality Franke Ceramic Belfast sinks are ideal for busy kitchens giving complete satisfaction with a durable design.



Trading Depot offers a range of Blanco sinks suited for adding to any kitchen design with many styles available. Blanco sinks help with the completion of the workspace area, bringing a high quality design into the kitchen. Whether you want an undermount or inset sink, Blanco offer a range of options bringing elegance to your room. Choosing the perfect kitchen sink is ideal for getting the perfect kitchen design and the right sink for your style. Trading Depot stocks a wide range of designs with Blanco’s sinks, whatever material you are looking for adding to the project.


Belfast Taps

Why not compliment your Butler or Belfast kitchen sink with a matching Tap.  Ideal for complementing a Belfast style kitchen sink with its deep bowls. They are available with matching white handles, bridge mixer or monobloc variant. It adds a real traditional feel to your kitchen.

1 Bowl Belfast Sink Comparison

Manufacturer Product Code Overall Width (L-R) Overall Depth Waste Included
Franke 130.0050.116 595mm 250mm Yes
Rangemaster CCBL595WH 595mm 250mm No. Required WKIT13/
Reginox BELFAST CW 595mm 250mm Yes
Leisure CBL595WH 595mm 225mm No. Required WKIT15/
Prima CPR402 595mm 255mm Yes

When considering the perfect sink option for your home there are many options available, Trading Depot offer a wide variety of kitchen sinks with many options for your style. Whether looking for ceramic, stainless steel or composite granite options Trading Depot offers the ideal option for your space within the home. With many design options, you are sure to find the perfect kitchen sink for your homes interior design.

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