Why Underfloor Heating?

Looking to add Underfloor Heating Systems into the home? Whether adding electric or hot water underfloor heating, the perfect system can be added for your space. The range of Underfloor Heating systems brings the ideal feature for the home with energy-efficient and convenient options.

Underfloor Heating is ideal for adding to the home with the option becoming more popular with growth in demand. Installing underfloor heating into the home is ideal for leaving more space within the room without the need for radiators. Underfloor heating ensures a comfortable environment within the home with a minimalist look to match your home.

With extremely cost-effective options for warming the room, choosing underfloor heating is an ideal feature for the home update. Adding underfloor heating ensures evenly distributed heat throughout the room, whilst also being maintenance-free, energy-efficient and cost-effective !
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Hot Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Benefits Hot Water Underfloor Heating

Hot water underfloor heating a ‘wet’ system consists of a network of pipes connected to your boiler this then circulates warm water throughout the floor to evenly heat up the desired areas. This system works extremely well with the majority of different floor types, and is perfect for larger areas and multiple rooms.

Leading manufacturers Polypipe Underfloor Heating and John Guest Speedfit Underfloor Heating offer different methods that suit your individual installation preference.

Unlike traditional heating systems Polypipe and John Guest Speedfit underfloor heating allows you to set a precise temperature in each room, with help from a simple thermostat to the latest development being able to control you’re heating remotely. By being able to control the temperature of each room individually, this allows you to save energy and reduce your running costs.