Heavy Duty Macerators and Pumps

Heavy-duty macerator pumps are available that can cope in even the most demanding commercial settings. Built with heavy usage in mind these pumps are tough, robust and reliable.

There is a pump for every application ranging from the 'Sanispeed' for light commercial use such as shops or cafes up to the Sanicoms range (Sanicom 1 and Sanicom 2) which can both be used in busy commercial environments in applications such as cleaning and catering sinks.

The most heavy duty pumps are the Sanicubic range and both the 'Sanicubic 2 Pro' and the 'Sanicubic XL' which are both IP68 rated meaning they are protected even against continuous submersion in water. They also both have two alarms for safety and peace of mind and can be connected to Building Management Systems.

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