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Underfloor Heating

Why install Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating provides a modern heating solution that is vastly more energy-efficient than traditional central-heating systems. Running at lower temperatures whilst still achieving an ideal level of warmth in a room, floor heaters are cheaper to run, reducing energy consumption and promote greater heat dispersion throughout a room. They also eradicate the need for bulky radiators, meaning you will have greater freedom to design the space without making any compromises. 

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Which Underfloor Heating System Do I Need?

Thinking of purchasing underfloor heating for your home? Which one to choose from electrical or hot water? Underfloor heating is available in two different types and both applications can be used in almost any floor type. It can either be a ‘wet’ system pumping water through pipes under the floor or a ‘dry’ system generating heat through electric coils placed under the floor. Your choice of underfloor heating is down to the type of installation. Electric Underfloor Heating is better suited for certain projects whereas Hot Water Underfloor Heating for others.

The main advantage of underfloor heating is that it’s hidden away due to the installation being under your floor, you also gain instant wall space that your radiators would usually take up. Underfloor heating is also more cost effective and economical to run in comparison to radiators within your home, whereas the underfloor heating system distributes heat more evenly as the water that runs through the pipes on a wet system doesn’t need to get as hot. This allows your boiler to run more efficiently, therefore being cost effective - another reason to purchase underfloor heating for your home!

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